Lightning mast

Lightning mast.

Lightning rod mast

  • Height 8m / 14m / 20m / 26 metriä
  • Self-standing light lattice mast
  • Surface mount base
  • The duration of the storm 50 m/s
  • 6 m elements, head 2 m lightningrod
  • Base hinge
  • Hot-dip galvanized, desing lifetime 25 years

Made to protect the objects from the ravages of lightning, lightning strike leads to the ground safely. Easy installation, which does not require foundation work.

Applications :

  • electrical substation
  • golf fields
  • buildings
  • high area excess electricity power lines
  • depots
  • power plants
  • harbors
  • etc

ukkosmasto betoniperustus

Surface mount base, including hinge.

ukkosmasto hiekkalaatikkojalka

for filling with sand base, light to carry. Equipped with a hinge.

A 6-9m

AB 12-15m

ABC 18-21m

ABCC 24-27m

B 6-9m antenna

BB 12-15m antenna

BBC 18-21m antenna

BBCC 24-27m antenna

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