Water pump station

Pumping water from sky energy

pumppuasema 1710

Solar and wind energy pump station. 10kW solar and 10 kW wind.

Water pumping windmills


ironman4Why pumping windmill?

  • Continuous innovation and improvement
  • Widest variety of pumps available – Up to 1,5m piston diameter
  • Pump up to 500 tons per hour with short pumping elevation
  • Wind pumps day and night – anytime there is a little wind
  • Pump from deep wells – lift more than 360 meters
  • Multi-bladed desing works in yhe lightest winds
  • Long working life – 50 years or more with simple maintenance
  • Automatic lubrication floods internal parts with oil
  • Automatic regulation – Survives storms that wreck buildings
  • Large galvanized steel platform – Safe and confortable
  • Sturly ladder made of strong galvanized steel – Safe to use
  • Hot dip galvanized – Complete protection from rust
  • Simple windmill maintenance – Change oil only once a year




m1806m4012tuulestavettä mainos

Wind-powered water pumping station.

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Aurinkomasto seuraajalla

The pump station produce needed electricity with solar cells 2-20 kW or more..

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