Telecom tower


radomasto saaressa 02

Works without interruption


Energy self-sufficientTelecom tower 7

  • Wind and/or Solar energy
  • No require power grid
  • Works anywhere where the wind is blowing or the sun rises
  • Eco-friendly free energy solution


Hydrauli 2x

Hydraulic Lift

  • Easy lift and lower everywhere
  • Built in lifting system, well protected against vandalism etc.
  • Can be used as a portable hydraulic unit, cordless drill or manual crank
  • Can be lowered to protection from the storm, and lift again after storm



  • Foundation can be assembled and installed in the soil, rock or concrete
  • Foundation can be installed and set up without heavy equipment
  • Can be installed rough terrain, jungle, island, mountain etc.
  • Earthquake resistant

Easy install

  • Can be installed everywhere, which can be reached on foot
  • Tower can be installed without heavy equipment

Telecom tower brochure