Light towers


Light tower

valopylväsLight and economical multi-purpose tower. Tower gratings are made of special
grade steel and their patented design enables strong and light construction of the
tower. The tower has been designed according to Eurocode 3 standard.

Entire tower is hot dip galvanized and its designed life time is 25 years. Warranty
period is 3 years for all products, including the spotlights.

Foundation: concrete base with hinge. Base bolts, castings to concrete or rock are
also available.

As an additional accessory a side tower is available for helping erection or
dismantling of the tower. In such a case the tower can be erected without any
cranes. Different kinds of fasteners are available for lighting, video surveillance
cameras, etc.

Length of the tower element is 5800 mm which is suitable for 20 feet container
transportation. Erection height is from 3 m to 36 m.

Different kind of LED-lighting spots are also available.

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Light tower