Tube wind turbine tower

High-strength tower, made up survival hurricane wind.

Cumulus tube tower

Self standing tube mast

Nice looking and affordable alternative for wind turbines in the scale from 1 to 10
kilowatts. Masts adapters are available for all turbine types. Masts are designed
according to Eurocode 3 standard.

The raw material used is high quality steel alloy. Painting in all RAL colors available.
All of the elements are protected with hot dip galvanizing for maximum
corrosion protection. Design life 25 years.

Connection to the foundation. The basic bolt series is good to be used with
installations as well as bedrock or concrete foundations. A guide how to make the
concrete foundation comes with the order as well as other required documentation.
As an option a hinge is also available.

Also a turbine specific adapter is available as well as connection systems for solar
panels and mantenance ladders.

The length of the mast element is 5800mm designed to fit in a 20 foot container.
Total lengths available are from 12 to 24 meters.cumulus-putkimastoelementtejä

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45 kW Cirrus maalattuSelf standing tube mast for wind turbines

The cell structure of the Cirrus mast combined with high tension steel makes the
weight of Cirrus tower to be only one third of what it is with traditional tube masts.
The Cirrus is probably the most light-weigt and still the strongest mast self
supporting tube mast available. Just think about the raw material saved. Several
other advantages are achieved with the lighter and modular structure. The transportation
does not require extraordinary equipment and the crane needed for
lifting the structure is much smaller compared to traditional design.

Cirrus masts are available for wind turbines in the range from 2 up to 1000kW.
Vibration dampening comes as standard with all cirrus masts not forgetting the
patented cell structure combined with high tensile steel. A custom made vibration
dampener for the nacelle connection is also available for all turbine types. The
design is made in accordance with IEC61400-2 (2006-03) wind class I.

The masts are hot dip galvanized. Designed life time is 25 years. Painting is
available in all RAL colors.

Connection to the foundation is made with basic bolt series. The same series can
be used with installations in bedrock or concrete foundations. As an option a hydraulic lift device is also available.

The length of the mast element is either 5 800mm or 11 800mm designed to fit in a
20 or 40 foot container. Total mast lengths available are from 12 to 120 meters.

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Concrete ready-foundations.kukkajalka_2

Surface-mounted, not foundation excavation.

Kukkajalka istutuksilla



Concrete ready-foundation
Measurements 1000 x 1000 mm
Weight 500 kg
led jalka
Concrete ready-foundation
Measurements 1500 x 1500 mm
Weight 1700 kg
Concrete ready-foundation
Measurements 1800 x 1800 mm
Weight 2400 kg
Concrete ready-foundation
Diameter 2400 mm
Weight 4200 kg
 Kukkajalka tyhjä
Concrete ready-foundation
Diameter 2400 mm
Weight 6000 kg
 6t kukkajalka
Soil fulfill surface-mounted steel base
Measurements 2000 x 2000 mm
Weight depending on the filler 2600-3600 kg
 ukkosmasto hiekkalaatikkojalka

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