Solar tower

 Solar Energy


Solar Towers
Automatic tracking of
Sunlight,  70 % more energy
2 pcs  -20 kW / unit



  • The most outstanding / superior method of energy production in the sunny areas
  • Compared to the fixed-mounted solar cells, model following the sun is able to produce even 70 % more energy
  • For easy maintenance and assembly, the tower has a hydraulic mechanism for lifting and discharging
  • The installation will not require concrete molding nor heavy lifting equipment
  • The ’storm protection’ will automatically steer the cell away from the wind
  • Solar cells Automatic air cleaning


tandem kuva aavik

Quattro Solar Tower  in vertical sun tracking     -100 kW
(Without horisontal turning)


The hydraulic lifting and dismantle.

The tower has a hydraulic lifting mechanism inside of it.

This way it is protected from vandalism and factors that may harm the system. This technique also allows an easy access for maintenance.

The easiness of installation.

The groundwork of the tower has an option for a ’conrete-free‘ method, where the foundation is assembled and installed into the soil.

The materials are hot-dip galvanized for a planned 25-year long period of usage


aurinkosähköä 1

Solar energy farm    -2GW
Farm size  4 km x 5 km

Solar Energy Tower farm pdf

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