Radio mast

Guied radiomast -RM 400

Self-assembled guied radiomastRadiomaston-runko

  • 3m elements, Height freely selectable 3m intervals
  • height changed as needed
  • made of high-tensile steel, all parts hot dip galvanized
  • width 400mm / 600mm / 800mm / 1200mm …
  • ladder (optio)
  • includes all the bolts, guying, anchors  (according to installation)
  • foundation rock, concrete pouring or ground spike
  • mast head available YAESU rotor base support
  • grounding cable copper 25m
  • installation tool kit

g450a        SAMSUNG radiomaston-osat-pakattuna

Example: 24m mast part onto Euro-pallet

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Self-standing radio tower

Light lattice tower for many purposes.

The mast can be used for lighting, camera control, antennas, wind measurement,MM-18m-1 etc.

  • All parts hot dip galvanized
  • Heights 6-24m
  • element length 5,8m
  • available in a lot of different fasteners

mikromaston elementtejä  mikromasto valmisjalalla eri pituuksia

Available adapter YAESU rotating rotors, which, as shown below dimensions.

yaesuMM Yeasu adapteriMM-C-Yeasu kauko

Element: MM Elementit12351

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