Telecom power unit


  • Developed specifically for telecom operatorstelecom01
  • Ensure a supply of energy
  • Makes the mast self-sufficient
  • No need for diesel generators
  • Works under conditions when the mains
    power been lost or is not available
  • Can be installed without crane
  • Quick and easy to install


Quick and easy to install

Ensure a supply of energy.
Reach independently produce the energy it needs, and
is independent of the grid. Ensure a uninterrupted
operation in all conditions.

Easy to install.
The system is designed for easy installation
and assembled. The installation does not require
crane equipment.

A sustainable solution.
The power unit is designed and manufactured
high-quality and high-strength materials. long
lifetime combined with a clean energy source
makes the product durable and environmental
friendly solution.

telecom03  Specifications:

  • Power 5 kW, 10 m/s wind
  • Cut-in / out wind speed 2,4-40 m/s