Water cleaning container unit


Drinking water from sea water sky energy 24/7


Energy self-sufficient clean drinking water production unit.

We produce clean, fresh drinking water by sky energy

0.007 € / liter, 200 000 000 liters/year, 24/7

  • out of sea water
  • out of polluted water
  • out of household greywater


3,6 billion people do not have clean drinking water, 3,5 million people die yearly because of polluted water. 600 million litres of bottled water is sold daily in the world, that makes 206 billion litres a year.

Production of bottled water today:

Bottled water has become a global worth of 600 billion dollars, which is the  second-largest single production branch after the oil industry and production of electric energy.

Altogether 52 billion litres of oil is used to produce bottled water in the world


Device SGW-20/100:

Yearly production capacity 20-100-1000 million litres depending device model and number of units.

Stand alone

The device makes use of the well-known Reverse Osmosis technique

The device is easy to mount even in difficult circumstances

vesi4Target areas:

  • Sea water is purified to drinking water
  • Sea shore areas are changed to food production areas
  • Polluted lake and river waters are purified to drinking water
  • Polluted groundwater is purified to drinking water
  • The household greywater is purified and recycled
  • Water in disaster areas is purified

Gray water recycling

Urban waste water can be cleaned with drinkable residential area for waste water at the source.



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