Solid filter

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Solid filter

– Made from recycled materials
– Long life, no rusting parts
– Service-friendly
– Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
– An effective way to filter particles
– Continuous automatic filter cleaning
– Low power consumption
– Filtering Output solid
The ideal solution for RO system prefiltration.


– Closed fish farms, pool water filtration
– RO systems for pre-filtering
– Properties of waste water pre-filtering
– Of all the water and fluids solids removal



Power 0,75 kW – 2,2 kW 50 Hz
Filter efficiency 20 liters-1000 liters /min, depending model
Filtering 500 – 0,5 μ depending model
Dimensions Width 1700 mm, lenght 1400 mm, height 1410 mm
Weight 270 kg, made from recycled materials

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