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We use our devices LINCOLN ELECTRIC power sources. Design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of all over the world.


Welding Automation

Modern welding automation boosts production efficiency. We plan, realize, modernize and service competent welding systems for medium and heavy industry.

Welding Tower equipped with a telescopic beam

ip-mitat 2pp-mitat 2Puomi sisässä1
034-yML-torniWe build welding systems for all volumes. The column equipped with a telescopic beam is a space saving solution that can be used in different work areas. When necessary, the welding pipes and wire feeders are adapted for multi-purpose use and the welding method is changeable directly from the control board.

Our innovative braze and seam tracing and flux feeders are built according to the customers’ needs. Lincoln Electric’s new Power Wave energy sources can increase your profit margin by more than 30%. These, together with Simolin W&E numerous other possibilities, will take productivity to a completely new level.

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Welding lines


Our welding lines for medium and heavy industry represent the peak of welding technology in industries that produce kilometres of high quality weld in a day. One welding line can handle 1 to 4 seams simultaneously. One of the most significant factors for the quality of the welding is the pressing together of the work pieces during the welding process. Our method, together with high quality welding equipment, gives a perfect weld.

Welding lines are always planned according to the customer’s requirements. We supply the entire system, from planning to special equipment, as well as consultation for production planning when required.




AP-Tela Oy
Kokkola, Finland 2011
Modernisation of welding boom
JTK Power Oy
Vöyri, Finland 2011
Welding mechanisation
Belarus 2011
I-Beam -welding line
Saarijärven Säiliövalmiste Oy
Saarijärvi, Finland 2010
Modernisation of small welding column
Vahterus Oy
Kalanti, Finland 2010
Welding Column
Naaraharju Oy
Pieksämäki, Finland 2009
Beam welding line
STX Europe
Turku, Finland 2009
Modernisation of 16m welding portal
Estonia 2008
H-beam welding line
Transtech Oy
Otanmäki 2008
Coloumn & boom
TP-Konepajat Polska
Lodz Poland 2007
Half portal welding machine
Konecranes Oy
Hyvinkää Finland 2007
Head for inside pipe welding
Levator Oy
Hanko Finland 2007
Coloumn & boom modification
Saarijärven Säiliövalmiste Oy
Saarijärvi Finland 2007
Coloumn & boom
Halikko Works Oy
Halikko Finland 2006
Coloumn & boom modification
Halikko Works Oy
Halikko Finland 2006
Coloumn & boom modification
Presteel Oy
Raahe Finland 2006
Slag conveyor
West Welding Oy
Teuva Finland 2006
Coloumn & boom modification
Konepaja Laaksonen Oy
Turku Finland 2005-2006
Coloumn & boom
Abloy Oy
Joensuu Finland 2005
Welding machine
Painehitsaus Oy
Pietarsaari Finland 2005
Half portal welding machine
Technip Offshore Finland Oy
Pori Finland 2004-2005
Coloumn & boom modification 3 pcs.
Alajärven Steely Oy
Alajärvi Finland 2004
Box beam welding line
Jyki Oy
Längelmäki Finland 2003-2004
Coloumn & boom
Trailer Rigg Oy
Närpiö Finland 2003
Coloumn & boom + tables
Hollming Works Oy
Pori Finland 2002
Welding line modification
Konepaja Enne Oy
Tampere Finland 2002
Half portal welding machine

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