Compact water cleaning EMP unit

  Clean drinking water

Water EMP

We produce clean, fresh drinking water

  • Out of sea water
  • Out of polluted water
  • Out of household greywater




3,6 billion people do not have clean drinking water, 3,5 million people die yearly because of polluted water. 600 million litres of bottled water is sold daily in the world, that makes 206 billion litres a year.

Production of bottled water today:

Bottled water has become a global worth of 600 billion dollars, which is the third biggest single production branch after the oil industry and production of electric energy.

Altogether 52 billion litres of oil is used to produce bottled water in the world


Device SGW-EMP

Production capacity 1000-1500 litres / hour

Diesel power source built to take EMP, no electronic functions

The device makes use of the well-known Reverse Osmosis technique

Easily portable in hands to the difficult places (80 kg)

IMG_05112014_120453Target areas:

  • Disaster areas (flood, earthquake, drought etc.)
  • War zone, EMP, etc.

Gray water recycling








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